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"An original is a creation motivated by desire. Any reproduction of an original is motivated by necessity.
It is marvellous that we are the only species that creates gratuitous forms.
To create is divine, to reproduce is human."

Man Ray

Armed only with a love of film, attained through countless visits to London’s art cinemas, the Gauls threw themselves head-first into movie production.  Four narrative-based films were produced alongside many music videos, performance videos and a documentary.


Morpheus #3

The first Gallic movie takes you to the underworld of dreams. (GP3)

Mutual Murder

A drug addicted writer confronts his demons. (GP15)


A comedy based on facial hair.  When Trek receives a mysterious invitation his life descends into chaos and he is kidnapped and hunted for his fine moustache. (GP37)


A western.  Based in the Midlands.  A washed-up law man is given a chance to redeem himself by escorting a prisoner into custody but too many people want to see him fail.  (GP51)

The Homo Movie

The Gauls regularly changed the name that they performed under.  The Homo Movie is a collection of music videos featuring the music of T-Mob. (GP11)

The Hetero Movie

As FEKM, part human, part machine, the Gauls fused the organic and inorganic to produce a cybernetic construct of entertainment. (GP24)

The Lesbie Movie

Natural progression or desperate sequel?  The tricky third music video compilation. (GP43)

The Wacko Movie

Music compilation from the MethodRhythm daze.  (GP50)

The Snuff Movie

The final musical incarnation of the Gauls – Semtex Pussy.  ‘We wanted to go out with a bang’. (GP63)


FEKM perform their diurnal live set at the Production Village, Cricklewood. (GP29)